Owner and Founder, Dr. David Boorstein, is among the best, having trained with such masters as Arno Burnier, Reggie Gold, Dan Murphy and other highly trained and vitalistic doctors and practitoners of our field!  He continues to train extensively with post graduate work in neurology, pediatrics, family wellness, pain discorders, and enjoys his role as an advocate for holistic health approaches and strategies.  We are dedicated to serving you and your family with honesty, precision, expertise, and fun! You are not a number to us, or just our; you are unique and we treat you with the most customized and affordable Chiropractic care plans.  The focus is to address the Cause not the Symptom.


Dr. David walks the walk.  He practices yoga, gets regular exercise, eats food and is in full support of the Wellness lifestyle.  Over the years, he has helped many people avoid un-needed surgeries, helped so many get off medications, and helped thousands with issues including chronic and acute pain, headaches, vertigo, stiff and mal-functioning joints and muscles, and provided the support and education to achieve abundant health NATURALLY!  We provide the highest quality of care and service in order to help you achieve all of your health goals and look forward to starting with you soon!

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